My Stroke

strokeSome followers of @Daily_Proverbs have asked why I’m not posting a new devotional every day. The answer is simple: On August 10, 2013, I suffered a stroke.

The stroke was pretty severe. I lost all movement in my right hand and leg, and had severe aphasia – defined as loss or impairment of the power to use or comprehend words, usually resulting from brain damage.

Despite this, I began to work on rehabilitation right away. I have progressed to where I’m walking with a cane. I have movement in my right arm down to the elbow. Some movement in the wrist and hand tell me not to give up. I’ve regained much of my mental grasp – enough to write a blog post, anyway. Suffice to say that while I have come a long way, I still have much work to do.

I’ll post a blog entry most days, but not all. I hope you’ll understand.


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